Clinic Changes, Challenges and Covid19

The current situation with Covid19 has seen a number of changes not only to our everyday lives, but also the way in which we work. Our requirements to bring the virus under control in regards to social-distancing and self-isolation means the contact we have with our fellow humans is extremely limited. This has seen changes made to how we work, particularly for those that worked closely with people face to face. This is me. As a herbalist, meeting a person and sitting with them, listening to their health concerns, working closely to formulate a treatment plan, a herbal mix to help support their journey, is how we work. With not being able to have the clinic open for face to face, has had to see many practitioners embrace a new way of working, and working from home. Staying positive and adapting to what has been needed has seen 2 new services introduced to Inner Peace. 

Online Telemedicine Consultations.

This is the fancy name given to having your consult done online. Consultations done online are conducted in very much the same way that a face to face consult is conducted. You just go through the consult form in the comfort of your own home or while at work or any where else you may happen to be. There are many benefits to doing a consult online: 

The benefits of online consults

·         Your at home or where ever you at the time, nice and comfortable.

·         It is a safe place for you. You can feel comfortable to complete the form and other contact at your own chosen time and at your own chosen space- home or work? It's up to you!

·         Your at a place that didn't take hours to get there!

·         You didn't have to worry about making it to an appointment. This is a big thing for someone with anxiety.

·         There's no stress from dealing with parking, or child care.

·         Follow up appointments are easy to make and get to!

·         For a Practitioner, being of service to people in a way that is safe, easy and effective for them!


Online Telemedicine Consultation form can be found by heading to the webpage or follow this link


The second new service that has been introduced at Inner Peace is the Acute Care Consultations.

Acute Care Consultations are short, 15 minute consults for those people that have a very specific issue that they would like addressed. For example a person may want an Acute Care Consult for support sleeping. A 'mini' consult will be conducted, over the phone, email or zoom, on this issue and a herbal medicine will be prescribed based on whether the sleeping issue is sleep onset or sleep maintenance. A client file needs to be created under the TGA guidelines, hence the 'mini' consult. Another example- Someone may want support with cold and flu prevention or symptom relief. There are many things that someone may want support with under an Acute Care Consult. If this sounds like something that may provide support, please follow this link. Purchase the Acute Care Consult and mention in the comments box at check out how you would like to be contacted and I will then be in touch and we will get started! There are times when an Acute Care Consult may not be appropriate for a long-standing health condition, however I will advise if this is the case.

Both the Online Telemedicine Consultations and the Acute Care consults allows me to continue to provide the care and support that my community needs in the safety of my own home. Whilst the Covid19 is challenging and at times scary, we have to continue to stay positive and remember a few things: Stay Home and WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!





Last modification: Fri 3 Apr 2020

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