I always had an affinity with plants, whether that was inside or outside! I had a particular interest in herbs as a child and this was nurtured by my father who made me a small garden plot, that expanded to a rather large one. During my teenage years, you would always find me sitting in my herb garden, weeding, replanting or harvesting. My mother took the role of letting me put the fresh herbs in our nightly family meals and the passion just keep growing!

I had been guided down the path of helping others in my last years at high school and this resulted in me working in youth refuges, women and children’s crisis centres and drop in services from the time I graduated high school in 1997 until present. However my passion for plants had never waned and this seen me complete my Advanced Diploma in Western Medicinal Herbalism in 2016.

I was fortunate enough to have worked for a herbalist, who took me in as a student and then as qualified and registered herbalist, consulting with clients both face to face locally and online all over the world. I gained much knowledge and experience from this and also learned how to support the health of dogs and cats with natural herbal medicines, which I still really enjoy doing. The herbalist I worked with was a traditional herbalist, Dorothy Hall trained, and I was Western Medicinal trained, so we learnt a lot from each other! I have much respect for her as she taught me not only traditional herbs, but also the in’s and out’s of her business. I opened my own private clinic at the beginning of 2017. I love the grass-roots of herbal medicine and blend my own medicinal herbal teas and always make my own Hypericum, Calendula and other oils from scratch. All the creams and ointments and other topicals I hand blend. This is very important to me as I intuitively give thanks to the plants for their offerings which allows for a very healing, personal product. I have a large herb garden where I grow a lot of different herbs and always utilize these in the medicines I make. You will always find me in amongst the herbs or the green house with the plants. 

I have always been a ‘learner’ and enjoy discovering and gaining new skills. I have attended several of Linda Bates’ workshops in partnership with Sandra Parker in manufacturing herbal medicines, liquid and topical and I have attended Linda’s Clinical Strategies over a number of years on gut health, which is a great interest in mine, female hormones and reproductive health, also inflammation, immunity and autoimmunity. Linda is a master herbalist and a herbalist that I aspire to and hold in very high regard. She has had a huge influence over the way I work with herbs and people and how the energetics of the plants can have an impact on their support of our overall bodily systems and what they offer in terms of healing. I have gained much, much knowledge from Linda and not only is she my mentor, but she is a wonderful friend!

I am also a qualified Weight Management Practitioner and run a Weight Management Clinic, both face to face and online, where I support people with a 12 week program in weight loss/ management, guiding them to make better, healthier lifestyle choices to not only lose weight but also gain health. This includes meal plans, nutrition advice and counselling, motivation and support to help them achieve their set goals. The herbal medicine works hand in hand with clients as if someone comes in with poor sleep, I can work on a sleep tonic for them, or if they have joint pain that stops them from moving like walking, I can work on a medicine for that. It is a holistic approach for better life outcomes!

If I had to say what I love doing most in clinic, I would have to say I love working with any sort of infection and infection control, sexual and vaginal health, gut health and rebuilding/ resetting optimal gut health and mental health support, but really I don’t have a favourite thing, I just love love love being able to support people in a truly holistic way that helps them on their journey to better health and wellbeing! Oh, and working with plants of course!

I am also fortunate enough to be able to work alongside the amazing Herbal Elder, Linda Bates with her Reboot+ Program (you can find me here https://rebootplus.com.au/) and also the incredibly knowledgable Narelle Cooke within her CanineCeuticals business on Dog health and Nutrition (you can find me here https://canineceuticals.com.au/pages/online-consultations). 

Some of the additional qualifications I have or completing include:

Introduction to Animal Herbology (CIVT)

Natural Animal Nutrition (undertaking CIVT)

Animal First Aid (CIVT)

Cert IV Nutrition (Health & Wellness Coach, Sports Nutrition Coach- undertaking)

Vitae Mosaic Pratitioner Training

Cert IV Weight Management 

Adv Cert Bach Remedies

Level One Practitioner Training on Vaginal and Intimate health

(Undertaking) Level Two Vaginal and Intimate health

Statement of Attainment Infection Control and Healthy Body Systems

Accredited Fitgenes Practitioner Training

Dip Alcohol and Other Drugs

Dip Community Services- Case Management

Foundational Cert Aromatherapy


Memberships- Full member of the NHAA, Professional Member of the Global Weight Management Federation, Animal Health Professional Member of the College of Intergrative Veterinary Therapies