About Inner Peace

Inner Peace, Holistic Herbal Therapy, as the name suggests, is a holistic herbal practice that incorporates both traditional and modern forms of herbal medicine focusing on the whole person and underlying causes of illness rather than just the symptoms. We are a small private clinic that provides peace of mind in a safe and supportive environment. Our consults are private, confidential and respectful. I aim to provide a safe, relaxing space for everyone that attends the clinic.

Inner Peace is able to support a wide range of conditions from acne to allergies, migraines to menopause and have helped many people by providing not just relief from their symptoms, but a plan on how to promote wellbeing and wellness.

A full health assessment is conducted, and then a comprehensive treatment plan is devised with treatment recommendations to support your health journey moving forward. Treatment is subsequently holistic, involving prescription of a customised herbal formula in fluid extract form, teas or tablets, dietary changes, and lifestyle modifications.

Whilst Inner Peace is a Medicinal Herbal Clinic, we also offer Weight Management/ Loss programs, nutrition and meal planning services, herbal medicine and basic nutrition support for dogs and cats or referrals, Intimate health support and guidance, infection prevention and information, Fitgenes Nutragenomic testing and results interpretation to support diet and weight management programs, capacity to refer for blood tests and other microbiome testing to support wellbeing plans. To find out more on what we offer, please see the 'About' tab above.

Our mission: To provide access to high quality and affordable traditional herbal medicines; To empower and encourage people to take control of their wellbeing journey with gentle and nurturing support and guidance; To provide education on the benefits and powers of plants and plant medicines for both people and their pets; To provide a space where everyone that attends feels welcome, safe and cared for.