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 Inner Peace Holistic Herbal Therapy is a small private clinic, but with large offerings!

Listed below are the services and products available through Inner Peace

* Free 10 Minute Discovery Call to see if we can support your health needs

Visit here to book in for your Free Discovery Call

* Herbal Medicines and Herbal Medicine health consultations

Herbal medicines can be prescribed as liquid formulas or other forms such as tablets or teas

Herbal medicines can also include antibacterial, antifungal or other healing creams, ointments, pessaries or suppositories. 

Can also include medicinal healing oils made from wild harvested plants locally situated or grown in my garden

Health consults can be conducted in clinic or online, wherever is more comfortable for you.

Health consults can include our Acute care consultations- a 15- 20 minute consult for a specific issue like a cold and flu remedy, a sleep tonic, an antiseptic remedy to a full health assessment to get to the direct cause of a condition which could be either acute or chronic.

Visit here to see more on the Herbal Medicines, here for the Acute Care Consults, or here for the Online TeleHealth Consult.

* Weight Management Program

A 12 week program that supports the weight loss journey providing everything you need to succeed at your goals. A full program that includes ongoing weekly support and check ins, meal plans and other information to make this journey an easy one to take!

Visit here to message us about the Weight Management Program and to receive more information

* Meal Planning Service

Meal plans tailored to suit specific needs and nutritional requirements or maybe just done to make a busy life easier to make sure there’s balance and deliciousness! Comes with 5 or 7 day meal plan, recipes, shopping list and prep guides and can be developed to suit any number of household members. A small consult is included to ensure the meal plan suits personal preference, religious requirements or allergies.  

Visit here to purchase your one week Meal Plan.

* A variety of healthy, organic Wholefoods

We stock a variety of wholefoods to compliment the weight management programs, the meal planning service, or simply just because you like to eat organic, healthy and delicious foods that are so good for you! No fancy packaging here either. We do not believe in the need for placing an extra burden on our planet so if you have a jar you want filled just bring it in, otherwise we sell our bulk foods in recyclable paper bags.     

Visit here to see the variety of wholefoods available in clinic

* Fitgenes Nutrogenomic/Genetic Testing

We know that health and wellbeing doesn’t begin and end with a DNA test, that’s why Fitgenes is there for the journey.

A DNA test will give you a snapshot of your genetics – a picture of how you were made – useful if you’re charting your family history. But Fitgenes is all about your future, not your past. We’re focussed on your life ahead, solutions for health and wellness now and for the rest of your life. We can’t alter your genetic make-up, your genes are your genes. But we can provide ways to regulate your genetic responses that can help you achieve your goals. In Australia, Fitgenes is a trailblazer in nutrigenomics, the study of how nutrients affect the way genes behave in the body. We have been providing DNA based solutions longer than any other Australian-based company. Our genetic reports are evidence-based – using published scientific literature supported by a global network of trained and trusted accredited practitioners. While science is able to map an individual’s entire genome, this bewilderingly large volume of information is difficult to interpret. Fitgenes focusses on selected genes to ensure our advice is targeted and easy to understand. ‘Fitgenes’ products unlock your DNA and provide the ultimate in personalised health, helping practitioners determine your precise dietary needs based on how you were made. Fitgenes can not only give you personalised solutions to manage immediate challenges like weight loss or food sensitivities, our genetic tests and programs also address long term personal goals relating to healthy ageing and lifestyle; and we have health practitioners ready to assist with the test that’s right for you.

As a qualified Fitgenes Practitioner, I can help you understand how our genes can influence- help or hinder, our health and wellbeing goals. Testing involves a mouth swab only, then a full comprehensive report details what you can do now to help your health and wellbeing into the future.

Visit here to book a Free Discovery call for more information, or here to message us about Fitgenes

* Specialised and personalized Vaginal and Intimate Health Support

Inner Peace offers support in the most delicate and sensitive of areas. This can include support around menopause, vaginal dryness, infections including recurrent infections and looking at why these infections continue, and overall vaginal health.  

Visit here to book a Free Discovery call for more information, or here to book an appointment time for a face to face consult, or here for an online consult


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