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Getting started


Welcome to our online herbal medicine consultation form. The information you provide is treated in the strictest confidence and is seen only by our qualified and registered herbalist. Please feel comfortable to provide as much information as you can to ensure we get the best picture of what support you are looking for. Once your information has been reviewed and assessed, you will receive an email or phone call to discuss our recommended treatments with you. This will allow you to then purchase the recommended herbal medicines via our online shop under “Prescription Medicine”.

Your information will be used to create a personal file, and records of the personalized blend and individual herbal batch numbers are kept in accordance with Australian law and this procedure is followed for all clients within this practice.

Legal Requirements

Herbal Medicines:

To purchase the Inner Peace Holistic Herbal Therapy range of herbal preparations for people you are required to consult with our herbalist who will then prescribe the most appropriate herbal medicines for your condition.

Inner Peace Holistic Herbal Therapy preparations for people comply to the Australian Regulatory Guidelines for Complementary Medicines (ARGCM) which requires that individual preparations are formulated and dispensed on a per case basis and are to be manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Get a copy of the code here

The consultation form, questionnaires and review processes are not intended to replace the face to face consult setting. Any feedback provided by Inner Peace Holistic Herbal Therapy is not designed to replace the importance of a consultation with your Health Care Practitioner.

All information provided by Inner Peace Holistic Herbal Therapy is given in good faith and Inner Peace Holistic Herbal Therapy does not accept any responsibility for advice provided that is based on misinformation or incomplete information submitted by you.

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