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Apothecary- Medicinal Herbal Mixes

A range of medicinal herbal remedies. Ranging from Elderberry Syrup to healing herbal mixes

Each day in our modern world we are exposed to a variety of illnesses, environmental and metabolic toxins, emotional and mental stressors and high pressure lifestyles, putting certain demands on our bodies to sustain our activity. Even maintaining a healthy diet, getting regular exercise and ensuring a restful sleep can be a challenge. Herbal medicines are complex in active components and as such target many different bodily systems on a cellular level, to keep us functioning healthily.

Minerals found in herbs may nourish the nervous system by giving nutrition to the nerves, flavonoids may tonify the circulatory system and help to scavenge free radicals, vitamins may encourage connective tissue regeneration and essential oils may provide protection against infection. This gives a unique opportunity for the use of holistic herbal  medicine in the maintenance of optimal health. 

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