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Ginger Oxymel

A traditional Oxymel made with fresh Ginger. Absolutely delicious!
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A traditional vinegar and honey herbal medicine, an Oxymel (Oxy- acid, and mel- honey) was traditionally made to administer herbs that were not so pleasant to take. 

Ginger is a powerful and potent anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidant and has been used to help digestion and indigestion, reduce nausea and help fight the flu, the common cold and other infections, reduce muscle aches and pains, joint pain and stiffness, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, assist improving heart disease risk factors and brain function in age-related cognitive decline. Not much this little spice can't help with really!

Not only is this medicine good for our bodies and mind, it also tastes delicious!

Made in small batches only.

This Oxymel is made with fresh Ginger, allowing for only a short shelf life of 6 months and must be stored in the fridge, however it won't be around this long because it tastes so good!

Dose: Can be taken as neat 'shots' up to 10- 20mls or just by the spoonful! Can also be added to water or fruit juice. Can be taken up to 4 times a day. 

Ingredients: Organic raw apple cider vinegar, organic local raw honey, fresh Australian raw organic Ginger.



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