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Liver Support

Liver Support has been formulated to assist in the relief of liver and digestive problems. It supports, protects and nourishes the liver, the body's most important organ for detoxifying. Six key liver herbs have been chosen from Western and Traditional Chinese Medicines to provide a medicine that covers all aspects of liver health.
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dandelion flower

On a daily basis we are faced with a constant influx of endogenous and exogenous toxins that our liver must metabolise into molecules for our body to excrete. The main causes of liver disease are environmental pollution, poor diet and virus infection, with drugs, alcohol, sedentary lifestyles and even stress being contributing factors. 

Many herbs that treat the liver will also have a beneficial effect on the gall bladder and pancreas, and therefore can help to alleviate symptoms throughout the whole digestive system. A fundamental complementary health philosophy is that when the digestive system is functioning well, the whole body can achieve homeostasis and optimal health. Even mild liver disease can lower the body's capacity to deal with toxins or process vital nutrients. Mild liver disease can present with vague digestive symptoms such as nausea, bloating or diarrhoea, and left untreated this may lead to severe liver complications or related health issues such as hormonal, metabolic or circulatory disorders.

As the liver is our major detoxification organ of the body, inefficient metabolism of toxins can give rise to a variety of symptoms including fatigue, digestive problems, allergies, mood disorders, skin complaints, poor hormone and vitamin metabolism and circulatory issues. Treating the liver is an essential consideration for all patients seeking a long term healthy outcome. 

Liver Support can be used to protect the liver or restore it back to health.

Indications for use

* Liver damage- alcohol consumption, drugs, infection, metabolic toxin overload and trauma

* Poor liver function, hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis

* Poor gall bladder function, inability to digest fats

* Detoxification

* Hyperlipidaemia, stress, skin conditions

* Allergies, sensitivities

* Menstrual irregularities

* Skin conditions


Liver Support may

* Restore, support and maintain healthy liver function, thereby improving overall systemic health

* Support, protect and rejuvenate the hepato-billary system

* Promote a healthy digestive system

* Antioxidant to liver and whole body

* Lower triglycerides and cholesterol level in the blood

* Aid detoxification


Dose: 10mls 2x day in juice or water before food. Drink plenty of water.


Not to be used whilst pregnant or lactating. Do not use in bile duct obstruction or gall bladder disease. Do not use with medications known to be metabolised through the Cytochrome P450 pathways. If this applies to you there are many other options that can be considered to replace this mix. Please use the consult form, email or call to contact me for a discussion on these other options. 

Ingredients: Globe Artichoke, St Mary's Thistle, Dandelion Root, Schizandra, Bupleurum, Rosemary, Peppermint Oil, Aniseed Oil, Glycerol


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